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  • Big Data Discourse on Campus

    Analytics academics share exciting breakthrough research, while advertising practitioners attest to how social media and marketing are really...

  • Marketing Vs. Economics

    The difference between marketing and economics is the difference between gymnastics and Nik Wallenda’s high-wire act, between being grounded...

  • The Skinny on ‘Fattening up’ Customers

    Customer centricity should help shape customer development but shouldn’t make you lose sight of acquisition and retention.

  • Sifting Through the Ashes

    What the Kindle Fire and Amazon’s downbeat Q4 results teach us about customer centricity.

  • Flipping Coins for CLV Dollars

    One of the biggest complaints I hear about customer-centric strategy is that it’s too complicated.

  • If You Want To Be Customer-Centric, You’ve Got To Be Direct

    Customer centricity is not merely about customized products and services. A truly customer-centric firm knows that world-class service should...

  • Learning from Non-Profits: Being Data Driven

    Let’s face it: non-profits are the ugly stepchildren of the corporate world. They get scraps of advice and hand-me-down help from MBA do-gooders,...

  • i-What? BBM Me!

    BlackBerry’s tagline should be “BBM Me.” While their devices have a genuine technical advantage, Blackberry fails to promote it in all...

  • The Value of the ‘Subscription Model’

    Let’s hear it for the subscription model! Too many firms are quite content to “acquire” a customer and then push the relationship along,...

  • Welcome to the Wharton Class of 2012!

    I’m writing this post just hours after attending the Convocation event for the incoming MBA Class of 2012. While they all look like strangers...

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