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  • Big Ideas from the Wharton Global Forum in Shanghai

    Quick takes from three sessions you need to know about

  • 5 Surprising, Cutting-Edge Wharton Collaborations

    Global food-crisis solutions, sports leadership, behavior modeling, disrupting education—through new cross-disciplinary partnerships, Wharton...

  • The Blockchain Revolution

    The technology behind cryptocurrencies could transform everything from banking to health care to the music industry. Just ask the Wharton pioneers...

  • By The Numbers: Penn Wharton China Center

    PWCC is hub of business and academic activity in Beijing’s Central Business District and a link for idea exchange between the School and Asia.

  • Reaching the Height of Success

    In 2010, Lei Wang WG03 became the first Asian woman to complete the 7+2 Adventure Grand Slam. In a visit to Penn Wharton China Center, she inspired...

  • Penn Nursing in China: Science vs. Shortages

    Hoag Levins of the University of Pennsylvania's Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics (LDI), discusses the impact on nursing research and...

  • Forward-Operating Base PWCC

    Elegantly designed and loaded with technology, the Penn Wharton China Center is the University's calling card for the entire region.

  • What to Worry About With China

    Wharton's dean makes the case that the recent stock market troubles in China shouldn’t be what we worry about.

  • Regions: Asia

    The Penn Wharton China Center celebrated its opening and promises to enhance learning and research opportunities for faculty, students, alumni...

  • Penn Wharton China Center Launched

    View the sights from the Penn Wharton China Center launch event in Beijing in March.

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