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  • Marketing Tips for 21st Century Retailers

    Insights into the evolving world of modern retail from academics and industry leaders at the Baker Retailing Center's recent conference.

  • How Restaurants Bite Into Price Research

    Panic pricing and infrequent reviewed are not ingredients for strategic price research for restaurants. Read on for more nuanced guidance.

  • Hacking Small Business Expansion

    Are Main Street and malls the top options for entrepreneurs expanding brick-and-mortar retail operations? An airport retailing expert offers...

  • E-Commerce Strategy for Better Customer Service

    Entrepreneur Paul Shrater presents the strategy behind his online store’s customer service and offers a few technical and personnel tactics...

  • At the Corner of Marketing Knowledge and Innovation

    Prof. David Bell shares his latest research and insight on where Internet and offline sales and marketing intersect with the Wharton MBA Reunion...

  • Changed Forever?

    The retail sector has been changed dramatically by the economic downturn. But are those changes permanent? Experts and industry insiders say...

  • Retail Research Takes Off

    Baker Initiative Director Blazes own Path, Real-World Research Bridges Academia with Industry

  • A Marketing Professor’s Shopping List

    When Stephen Hoch Cruises the Aisles, It’s Usually Not to Make Purchases But to Research Topics Like How Consumers and Managers Make Decisions...

  • High-Stakes Decision Making

    A Wharton Professor Looks at How Consumers Make Choices and Why That's Important to Marketers

  • Alumni Profiles

    Charles C. Butt, W'59; Marc Belton, WG'83; Nadya Shmavonian, WG'86

  • Wharton Impact


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