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  • Prioritizing the “Student” in Student-Athlete

    The coauthor of The Miseducation of the Student-Athlete discusses the importance of reforming college sports to emphasize academics.

  • Race and the Global Sports Business

    The current roster of athlete activists is speaking out and redefining the sports industry.

  • Why the Hockey Analytics Revolution May Be Its Own Undoing

    I have no idea if George Soros is a hockey fan, but NHL GMs would do well to give serious thought to how his world view may already be affecting...

  • Replace NFL’s Goodell With Wharton Grad?

    Wharton grad Joseph Cooper takes a sardonic stab at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a memo to NFL owners offering up his services.

  • The Worst Day in American Sports

    Our author recalls the "Worst Day in American Sports," the day “choke” became part of the sports vernacular. Now, scientists examine the...

  • Why Sports Matter

    We talk with Wharton’s eminent expert on the business of sports about his new Wharton Digital Press book.

  • We Blog, We Score!

    A former professional hockey agent and current analytics pro and columnist glides into the Wharton Blog Network.

  • Horsing Around

    Horse racing might not make the best investment of money, but its return on passion and thrills is what these alumni are in it for.

  • The Decade of Sport in Brazil

    Later this month I head to São Paulo to give a talk at a conference to 200 Brazilian business people about how to elevate their brands in Brazil’s...

  • The Coming Perfect Storm

    The start of the NFL season also signals the start of a run of collective bargaining agreement negotiations in the other major sports organizations....

  • Tiger’s Best Strategy? Get Back on the Course—and Win

    Wharton professor Ken Shropshire discusses how the chances of Tiger Woods regaining his marketability as once the world's premier athlete.

  • Play Hard and Negotiate Well

    Wharton’s Ken Shropshire keeps his eye on the business of sports.

  • Faculty Opinion

    Two Anniversaries, But Little to Celebrate

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