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  • MBA Bonus

    The rewards of a Wharton degree continue to rise. Here are stats on the MBA class of 2015.

  • Importance of Simple Forecasting Methods

    Wharton research from J. Scott Armstrong suggests simple forecasting methods are more successful than complex solutions. The professor explains...

  • What to Study at Penn? What Not to Study?

    Wharton junior Arjun Mahadevan went from an extremely undecided high school senior to a student pursuing an “uncoordinated” dual degree....

  • Hacking Visual Analytics

    Business analytics is not for the faint of heart. That didn’t stop 40 Penn students. We spotlight their efforts at the Wharton Data Visualization...

  • The Dangerous Data Fetishes of Sports Analytics

    Writer and analyst Ian Cooper explains the emergence of the superfan in professional sports management, and why “data don’t apply themselves”...

  • Experimenting With Sports Analytics for Winners: Part 1

    Analytics author and consultant Ian Cooper translates a real-world financial statistical lesson to the “must-win” world of professional sports.

  • Final Exam

    Typical performance metrics for pro hockey players don't account for everything happening on the ice. Apply regression analysis for a more accurate...

  • Final Exam

    The cost of college always increases. But how frequently has tuition increased by an amount less than inflation? Get the answer to our Final...

  • News Briefs

    News from around campus.

  • Final Exam

    Suppose you put the following ten letters—S, T, A, T, I, S, T, I, C and S—in a bag.

  • Final Exam

    Think you could still ace your way through Wharton? Well, here's your chance to prove it.

  • Playing by the Numbers

    Statistical analysis may not be perfect, says Professor Michael Steele, but in a world full of uncertainty, it’s the best tool available for...

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