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  • From One Wharton Woman to Another

    Today’s Wharton students appear skeptical of their chances of obtaining work-life balance. Not this one; not after listening to Michelle Peluso.

  • Get out of Yourselves

    Acclaimed author Keith Ferrazzi reminds students that the next time they think they’ve done everything themselves, they ought to stop and think...

  • Thoughts From a Man Named Michael

    Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, W’79, encourages students to mentor, lead and help the less fortunate in their own backyard.

  • Taking the Leadership Challenge

    AmEx’s Kenneth Chenault talked about something expressly American—how to lead, change and stay relevant—which was reassuring and inspiring.

  • Is that Eiffel Tower … Real?

    A whirlwind tour of Paris allows students to explore luxury retailing, meet new friends and come to grips with the travails of travel.

  • Conquering Pins and Needles

    Penn Fashion Week allows students to experience firsthand and learn about the fashion industry.

  • Learning Leadership at 20 Below

    Our undergrad finds herself in a totally new setting, and on a dogsled, during a Wharton Leadership Venture.

  • Excited for Entrepreneurship

    Veteran business editor Loren Feldman, W'78, shares his experiences with and observations about small business owners, while offering advice...

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