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  • How Data Science Is Changing Business as We Know It

    Top executives and academic leaders examined the rise of data analytics during a town hall hosted by the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative...

  • Overcome Barriers to Customer Centricity

    Peter Fader evaluates top barriers to customer centricity, ranging from how to measure customer profitability versus cost to questions, to branding...

  • New Hackathon for Visual Analytics

    Undergrad and MBA students worked together to make the first-ever Wharton Data Visualization Hackathon a success.

  • Hacking Visual Analytics

    Business analytics is not for the faint of heart. That didn’t stop 40 Penn students. We spotlight their efforts at the Wharton Data Visualization...

  • Betting on Rigor and Glitz

    Students see the big profits and rewards of applying customer analytics through the example of Caesars.

  • Big Data Discourse on Campus

    Analytics academics share exciting breakthrough research, while advertising practitioners attest to how social media and marketing are really...

  • Don’t Tell Don Draper

    Digital media and data scientists are revolutionizing the ad business and threatening the jobs of the “Mad Men” of Madison Avenue.

  • Lifelong Learning in London

    Wharton goes on tour in London with a presentation by Professor Eric Bradlow about marketing and analytics, which left local club members wanting...

  • Final Exam

    If a jar full of quarters follows a normal distribution with mean 160 and standard deviation of 60, how many quarters are in the jar.

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