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  • Fit to Be CEO

    Maria Baum tried to retire to a Hamptons beach after success on Wall Street. It didn’t take. So instead, she founded a portfolio of companies...

  • Club to the Career Rescue

    The Wharton Club of Philadelphia holds its annual Career Planning Workshop, but takes a different approach.

  • Honoring Wharton’s Greatest Assets

    The Wharton Club of New York honors some of the School's most successful and impactful alumni with the Joseph Wharton Awards.

  • Wharton Watch List: Sports

    Wharton's Watch List identifies people, products, services and companies that are worthy of your attention. In this case: sports business professionals.

  • A Call for More Wharton Effect

    We’ve been publishing Wharton Effect tales on a regular basis. We aim to keep the momentum going. So keep sharing, and we’ll keep doing likewise.

  • Real Stories of Reality Shark Attacks

    Wharton alumni have played an outsized role on the reality show Shark Tank. We regroup with all the past participants for their take: Was it...

  • Alumni Profiles

    Lee S. Hillman, W'77, Lucinda B. Duncalfe, WG'91, Roland Wolfram, WG'86

  • Driven to Succeed

    Students and alumni launch an imaginative array of new products, from micromovies to imaging machines to ear warmers.

  • School Update

    Wharton News

  • Reforming Social Security

    With so many options to choose from, proponents of changing the Social Security system agree on only one thing: delaying the process will be...

  • Alumni Profiles

    Investing in Others: Four Alumni Get Involved in Community Service

  • A Gift from the Heart

    A $40 million donation from Jon Huntsman, W'59, and his family reflects their firm belief that sharing wealth is an opportunity to change people's...

  • Boom Time for Electronic Commerce

    Entrepreneurs and academics alike find that dealing on the Internet is uncharted, unregulated and, in many cases, potentially profitable.

  • Alumni Profiles

    Rakesh Gangwal, WG'79; Michelle Peluso, W'93; Garrett Reisman, W'91; Victoria Formiconi, WG'85

  • School Update

    Wharton News

  • 1998 Reunions

    Wharton Alums Returned to Campus in May

  • School Update

    Wharton News

  • With a Little Help from Their Friends

    Looking for Talent? Check out 'The Network'

  • Alumni Profiles

    Robert Hernandez, WG'68, and William Hernandez, W'70; Siobhan Mullen, WG'88; Raul Henriquez, WG'84

  • Wharton’s Alumni Leadership in Asia

    Wharton alumni weigh in on the future of business in Asia.

  • Alumni Profiles

    Bernardo Vega, W'59; Beth Starr, W'87; Robert Bynum, W'80

  • Class Update

    Wharton Alumni Clubs: Making a Global Impact

  • School Update

    Wharton News

  • The Business of Blockbusters

    Movies That Become Megahits Are Money Machines for Their Studios. When They Fail, It’s a Whole Different Script

  • Alive and Well and Working In…Seattle

    Wharton Alumni weigh in on the Pacific Northwest

  • Summer in the Gambia and Nine Other Countries

    Volunteer Projects that Change People's Lives

  • Alumni Profiles

    Michael Horvitz, W'72; Rosalind Copisarow, WG'88; Alejandro Di Capua, WG'90

  • Reunion 1997: Making the Connection

    Wharton Alums Return to Campus

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