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  • What’s Ideal Education for Entrepreneurs?

    What’s the best academic major for an entrepreneur? Is a university even necessary? Wharton alumni make the case for why education for entrepreneurs...

  • Honoring Wharton’s Greatest Assets

    A handful of Wharton grads—leaders in their respective fields—earn distinction in one of the longest-running alumni awards programs.

  • Regions: Latin America

    Penn and Wharton alumni in Mexico participated in a unique breakfast with economist and public servant Eduardo Sojo G83.

  • Regions: Asia

    We asked Club President Marvin Mao five things you ought to know about the Wharton Club of Beijing.

  • Catching up With Catching on

    Wharton author and professor Jonah Berger blows into the Windy City to offer insights as to why trends, products and ideas go viral.

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