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  • The Gamification Toolkit: For the Win

    Read an excerpt from the new Wharton Digital Press book that provides readers with the tools to take gamification to the next level.

  • The Road From Cuba to MOOCs

    Wharton’s online journal of business analysis launches a new line of e-books for business leaders.

  • Why Sports Matter

    We talk with Wharton’s eminent expert on the business of sports about his new Wharton Digital Press book.

  • Putting Markets to Work for Good

    Impact investing couldn’t come at a better time, according to Wharton Digital Press’ latest book.

  • The State of Impact Investing

    An impact investing insider reviews the new Wharton Digital Press book by Judith Rodin.

  • 20 Years & No Closer to Sustainable Work/Life

    Today's Wharton graduates believe they cannot integrate family life with work and are prepared to make a difficult choice instead, according...

  • Let the Best Brand Win

    Wharton Digital Press delivers again, this time with a Wharton Executive Essentials book about brand management.

  • How to Brand in the Global Digital Age

    A new book from Wharton Digital Press offers tools to manage the complexity of today’s brand management.

  • Let the Games Begin

    At Deloitte, Microsoft, the White House and beyond, gamification is being applied to virtually every area of business.

  • Sports Talk With the Shapiros

    We share some of the gems from an on-campus talk by two leaders in professional athletics, Ron Shapiro and Mark Shapiro.

  • For the Win

    The latest book from Wharton Digital Press explains how to stir others’ competitive juices for business success.

  • From Influx to Exodus

    New data shows immigrant entrepreneurs are fleeing the U.S. We speak with an immigrant entrepreneur who wants to stem the tide.

  • A Free Solution to the Jobs Market

    Wharton Digital Press offers the latest book from Professor Peter Cappelli for free.

  • Pride and Obligation

    The more that Wharton pride and obligation are demonstrated among the alumni community, the stronger our brand becomes, which in turn, benefits...

  • Cappelli: Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs

    What explains the paradox of companies claiming they can’t find workers in a period of unusually high unemployment? We ask Professor Peter...

  • On the Trail of a Black Swan Philosopher

    How to track (or fail to track) one of Wharton’s most elusive alumni, Nassim Taleb.

  • The Emeritus Society Emerges

    Wharton alumni of 45 years standing and more connect at MBA Reunion Weekend and are challenged with a Lifelong Learning lesson.

  • The Skinny on ‘Fattening up’ Customers

    Customer centricity should help shape customer development but shouldn’t make you lose sight of acquisition and retention.

  • Test Your Ability to Make Brilliant Mistakes

    Do you allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them? Find out with this pop quiz.

  • Sifting Through the Ashes

    What the Kindle Fire and Amazon’s downbeat Q4 results teach us about customer centricity.

  • The Digital Revolution

    Wharton School Publishing has gone digital.

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