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  • Public Policy Initiative Gets ‘Defensive’

    When the CEO of Northrop Grumman came to campus, he talked about more than just the U.S. Department of Defense.

  • To Debate Paul Volcker Jr. on the Bus

    Hedge-funder and economist Howard Kurz, C’79, ponders how unprecedented public policy has brought us to sequestration and perhaps closer to...

  • Timetable for a Slow Demise

    Bloomberg’s Robert Litan, W’72, shared his insights into Washington’s budget war, sequestration and other impending deadlines at a recent...

  • Bridging Toward a Better Future

    The Wharton Public Policy Initiative will connect Washington, academia and business in unprecedented ways, and seeks to provide solutions to...

  • A Message From the Dean

    It is time to strengthen the ties between business and public policy. With the global financial crisis, the center of focus has shifted from...

  • Prime Time for the Public Policy Initiative

    Wharton's new Public Policy Initiative analyzes post-election Washington in its first-ever event.

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