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  • An Education in Potential Disaster

    New MGMT 611/612 courses launch with a focus on the global economy and innovative learning.

  • Immersed in Global Strategy

    This year, executive MBA students traveled to Turkey and Brazil for their international seminar.

  • The Eurozone Showdown

    The Wharton School Global Summit proved to be a successful experiment in business education, about the perhaps not-so-successful eurozone experiment.

  • The New BRICS on the Block

    Which Emerging Markets are Up and Coming?

  • All Over the Map

    How Wharton’s research programs prepare undergraduates for careers in academia and the private sector.

  • Water Shock

    Water shortages could be the next political and economic flashpoints — and Wharton alumni and faculty are working towards solutions.

  • Wharton Now

    Wharton Faculty in the Global Classroom Bill Gates thinks that business and government can do more to help the world’s poor. In his plenary...

  • Risky Business

    Investing in emerging markets can be profitable, but risky. Wharton's Witold Henisz sheds light on how government actions can wreak havoc on...

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