ZenKars and Wharton BPC: Student Startups Day in the Life

Wharton Magazine followed multiple teams throughout the 2013 Wharton Business Plan Competition. We followed one team in particular, ZenKars, as they made it through the Semi-Finals and into the Venture Finals. The day of this culminating event, we then “shadowed” the team—then-second-year MBAs Jean-Mathieu “Jim” Chabas and Venkat Jonnala—for the entire day, from the time they got dressed and began preparing for their final pitch, to their bright-light moment on the stage before the judges and after. We got a sense for what it’s like to be student entrepreneurs and Wharton MBA students, friends and partners. The wonderful coincidence is: ZenKars ended up winning the Perlman Grand Prize!

Watch our “ZenKars and the 2013 Wharton BPC: Student Entrepreneurs Day in the Life” video below:



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