Sound Bite: Celebrity Economist on Decision-Making Strategy

Sound Bite: Celebrity Economist on Decision-Making Strategy

Noreena Hertz, WG’91, calls herself an “ideas entrepreneur.” Formally, she has a professorship at University College London and recently joined the board of Warner Music Group. Fame as an international thinker has led her over the last 15 years to rub shoulders—and advise and work with—some of the world’s biggest global leaders, politicians and CEO s, as well as rock stars like Bono, who came to her for help to create the RED charity campaign. And it all started in part with Wharton.

Wharton Magazine interviewed this “Wharton Leader” for the Summer 2014 edition. We asked Hertz about her time in Russia in the early days of the post-Soviet era, about if she is an “anti-capitalist,” and about what she prognosticates in the near term for the global economy.


Listen to an excerpt of our interview with Hertz in which she explains why global leaders seek her consultation during decision-making.



Read the full transcript of Wharton Magazine’s interview with Noreena Hertz.



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