Wharton Effect: Gus Roessler

Let’s take our minds back to May and Wharton MBA Reunion. The sun was shining and the trees were adorned with pink and white flowers and fresh green leaves. Tents stood on quads and fields, prepared for lunch picnics and happy hours. The parade of classes had just marched down Locust Walk. And eager attendees hugged classmates and caught up on years’ worth of life events, or attended Lifelong Learning educational sessions and remembered what it felt like to be in a Wharton classroom.

This is where Gus Roessler WG80, managing director at Morgan Stanley, was when we asked him: “How have you felt the Wharton Effect?”

He was attending his 25th Reunion and was kind enough to share a few moments with Wharton Magazine.



His response? He’s felt the Wharton Effect in three significant ways.

1. Knowledge

He was an engineer by training when he enrolled in the MBA program, and he proceeded to gain a finance education with such depth and breadth that he continues to use the skills every day since he left.

2. Brand

Having “Wharton” on his c.v. helped him land his first job on Wall Street, and other jobs since.

3. Network

“The network of friends and business contacts … have been, as I said, part of my daily life ever since,” he said.

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