Denise Dahlhoff

Denise Dahlhoff Ph.D. LPS08 LPS10

Research Director of Wharton's Baker Retailing Center
Denise Dahlhoff's background is a mix of market and academic research, consulting, publishing and teaching on marketing strategy subjects such as pricing, branding, communication, marketing analytics and new product development. Her work has been in a variety of industries, including consumer goods, retail, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and utilities, both in the United States and Germany. She has also studied urban culture and social behavior in cities and conducted ethnographic research on these subjects. Previously, Denise worked in Wharton's Executive Education division, where she helped broaden the base of faculty and teaching content. She holds a Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Jena, Germany; a diploma in business administration from the University of Mainz, Germany; and a Master of Liberal Arts and a Master of Philosophy in the Liberal Arts, both from the University of Pennsylvania.
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