Gregg Spiridellis

Gregg Spiridellis WG'99

Co-founder, JibJab
Gregg Spiridellis, WG’99 co-founded JibJab with his brother Evan in 1999, back in an era when it was cool to turn down lucrative post-MBA job offers in pursuit of dot-com glory. Five years later the brothers achieved “overnight success” when their 2004 election parody featuring George Bush and John Kerry singing “This Land” became a global sensation, leading Peter Jennings to name the brothers ‘People of the Year’. Since then, the Spiridellis brothers have established JibJab as a leader in online entertainment, not only for their trademark viral videos, but for their Sendables® eCards product line and personalized Starring You!® products. JibJab is backed by Polaris Venture Partners, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment and 37 artists, technologists and business people working hard to reinvent the way content is produced and distributed. Prior to JibJab, Gregg worked at Goldman Sachs and Bear Stearns.
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