Shohom Basuthakur

Shohom Basuthakur W'14

Student Contributor
Shohom Basuthakur is currently a sophomore at the Wharton School. Everyone knew that he was destined for business when, in the fifth grade, he successfully created an Air Head black market by selling the candy he earned for answering questions correctly in math class. Born and raised right outside of Philadelphia, Shohom attended Kennedy-Kenrick Catholic High School where he was president of the National Honor Society and valedictorian of his class. Although he is unsure of what concentration(s) he will pursue at Wharton, Shohom has enjoyed his time at the University of Pennsylvania thus far. He is a proud member of the Penn Glee Club, a premier all-male choral organization that also happens to be Penn’s first performing arts group. Shohom has many hobbies, including playing sports (even though he never inherited his father’s athletic ability), performing in theatrical productions, spending quality time with family and friends, and—of course—contributing to the Wharton Blog Network.
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