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  • Turning Points

    Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky WG94 talks of the moments that prepared him for the challenges of running a global healthcare company.

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  • MBA Bonus

    The rewards of a Wharton degree continue to rise. Here are stats on the MBA class of 2015.

  • It’s a 10

    Wharton grads formed the core of a team that revolutionized Microsoft Windows.

  • Adam Grant, Original

    The Wharton prof’s new bestseller made him ask: Was he a rule-breaker?

  • Investing in Diversity

    A new student group, Return on Equality, brings conversation to the art of empathetic leadership.


  • Wharton’s Global Impact

    See Wharton’s impact around the world from Asia to the Middle East, and Europe to the Americas.

  • Books to Expand

    A reader of useful books discovers the mind-blowing value of literature.

  • Submarine to FinTech

    MBA student Steve Weiner helps fellow vets navigate the opaque waters of civilian life.

  • Beer & Cookies

    Current ventures by Wharton alumni range from med tech to not-so-guilty pleasures.

  • At the Whiteboard with Chris Geczy

    Is diversification dead? Not entirely, but with the democratization of Modern Portfolio Theory it’s not your father’s 60/40 world anymore.

  • Mastering MOOCS

    Using Open Online Courses to Achieve Your Goals

  • Brazil’s Two Brands

    Can a two-sided nation improve its ranking in the world? And why should it care?

  • How to Measure Wharton by Its Alumni

    We’ve revamped the magazine from front to back to deliver a more thoughtful and enjoyable experience. Our goal was to create a magazine that reflects the transformational power of a Wharton education as measured by the contributions of our extraordinary alumni.

  • Balancing Emotional and Cognitive Culture

    Companies that build the optimum ratio of cognitive and emotional culture for their employees can succeed in generating the best worker performance with the lowest turnover.

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