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The Global Conversations Tour left attendees wondering what would happen next. At each of the 13 stops, Dean Geoffrey Garrett took the stage with a Wharton grad or two (sometimes three). Sometimes, these alumni asked the questions. Other times, the dean did the interviewing. Often, what transpired was an off-the-cuff back-and-forth among business leaders wise to the current ways of the world.

In all its formats, the live event series was part of Garrett’s mission to engage more effectively with Wharton alumni around the globe, all while communicating his core priorities for the School.

“The dean has a very good strategic development plan for the School, and he’s also full of energy and enthusiasm,” says Chang Sun G89 WG89, chairman of North Asia for Warburg Pincus Asia LLC, who participated in the Hong Kong tour stop.

The map below represents all the stops in the Global Conversations Tour and their alumni participants.

Wharton’s Dean traveled to 13 cities in his first year in office to listen and learn from alumni.

Watch the video below (a recording of the Global Conversations Tour Webinar) for a recap of what the dean learned during his travels and of what he sees as his vision for the School.

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