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  • Why the Hockey Analytics Revolution May Be Its Own Undoing

    I have no idea if George Soros is a hockey fan, but NHL GMs would do well to give serious thought to how his world view may already be affecting...

  • The Pony Here

    In the world of finance, the more investors know about an asset, the greater their competitive advantage. Data science has taken this relationship...

  • Applying Uber Analytics

    The source of success at Uber and Airbnb is their use of business analytics. What lessons can all business leaders learn from their examples?

  • Learning to Love the Language of Analytics

    More on the new MOOC series from Wharton Online.

  • Data Science Powering Private Equity

    A group of alumni apply research by Wharton professors Peter Fader and Eric Bradlow to bring data science to investing.

  • Armed With Analytics to Fight Cyberrisk

    A deep dive into website data sets reveals some unexpected vulnerabilities, thanks to a partnership between a Wharton alum and faculty.

  • Overcome Barriers to Customer Centricity

    Peter Fader evaluates top barriers to customer centricity, ranging from how to measure customer profitability versus cost to questions, to branding...

  • New Hackathon for Visual Analytics

    Undergrad and MBA students worked together to make the first-ever Wharton Data Visualization Hackathon a success.

  • Analyzing Aftershocks of the Twitter Firehose Data Shutoff

    Marketing analytics professor David Schweidel says shifts in practice for social media platforms are a liability. What should marketers do about...

  • Using Narrative to Get Beyond Big Data Uber-Hype

    A Wharton-fueled San Francisco company is using big data to tell your story (and a terrorist’s story) to the government and for-profit and...

  • Don Draper Doesn’t Do Data, But He Should

    Four ways for marketing leaders to survive today’s new era of big data and financial impacts, from chief marketing officer David Scott.

  • Decoding Social Media Data

    Social media metrics often don’t align with a brand manager’s offline intelligence. Why? And how can businesses best analyze the data? Prof....

  • How to Collaborate Over Data

    Corporate America faces challenges when it seeks to share data with academic researchers, but Chief Analytics Officer Dr. Michael Housman has...

  • Robots Are Blind (and That’s Good)

    Big data algorithms ignore gender, race, age, and reduce the "like-me" bias from recruiters; this improves the employer hiring process as a result.

  • Offering Amazon Success to All

    A San Francisco grad launched his analytics startup at Wharton, then saw it take off at the recent Tech Crunch Disrupt Conference.

  • Coping With Metrics Overload

    How can companies leverage all of the data and metrics generated from their technologies for marketing and operations, if they're not Disney.

  • Betting on Rigor and Glitz

    Students see the big profits and rewards of applying customer analytics through the example of Caesars.

  • Your Key to the C-Suite

    Big data appears pervasive in today’s business world. Yet in reality, only some companies fully leverage analytics—those with the right understanding,...

  • Data Raises Questions in Health Care

    The promise of big data in providing value to our health care system lies in delivering the right data at the right time to the right person.

  • Big Data Discourse on Campus

    Analytics academics share exciting breakthrough research, while advertising practitioners attest to how social media and marketing are really...

  • X-Ray That Analytical Argument

    Given the unbridled excitement surrounding “Big Data,” some critical perspective is in order.

  • Lifelong Learning in London

    Wharton goes on tour in London with a presentation by Professor Eric Bradlow about marketing and analytics, which left local club members wanting...

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