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  • Data Science Powering Private Equity

    A group of alumni apply research by Wharton professors Peter Fader and Eric Bradlow to bring data science to investing.

  • Applying Uber’s Business Analytics Lesson

    The source of Uber’s and Airbnb’s success is their use of business analytics. What lessons can all business leaders learn from their example?

  • 3 Policies for Big Data Privacy Problems

    What does big data mean for privacy? Companies leveraging data now have targets on their backs. Analytics expert Michael Housman explains how...

  • Keeping up With Cutting-Edge People Analytics

    The world’s top organizations know to supplement gut instinct about people with analytics. Such as Wharton.

  • Hacking Visual Analytics

    Business analytics is not for the faint of heart. That didn’t stop 40 Penn students. We spotlight their efforts at the Wharton Data Visualization...

  • The Dangerous Data Fetishes of Sports Analytics

    Writer and analyst Ian Cooper explains the emergence of the superfan in professional sports management, and why “data don’t apply themselves”...

  • Using Narrative to Get Beyond Big Data Uber-Hype

    A Wharton-fueled San Francisco company is using big data to tell your story (and a terrorist’s story) to the government and for-profit and...

  • Unbiased Analytics for Winners: Part 2

    A call for more organizations to conduct calculated experiments with their analytics, despite the apparent short-term risks.

  • In Hockey Data Are (More) Complicated

    Even in a world of relentless analysis and analytics, hockey remains subject to natural laws—and is better off for it.

  • Robots Are Blind (and That’s Good)

    Big data algorithms ignore gender, race, age, and reduce the "like-me" bias from recruiters; this improves the employer hiring process as a result.

  • We Blog, We Score!

    A former professional hockey agent and current analytics pro and columnist glides into the Wharton Blog Network.

  • Coping With Metrics Overload

    How can companies leverage all of the data and metrics generated from their technologies for marketing and operations, if they're not Disney.

  • Betting on Rigor and Glitz

    Students see the big profits and rewards of applying customer analytics through the example of Caesars.

  • Data Raises Questions in Health Care

    The promise of big data in providing value to our health care system lies in delivering the right data at the right time to the right person.

  • Big Data Discourse on Campus

    Analytics academics share exciting breakthrough research, while advertising practitioners attest to how social media and marketing are really...

  • Don’t Tell Don Draper

    Digital media and data scientists are revolutionizing the ad business and threatening the jobs of the “Mad Men” of Madison Avenue.

  • X-Ray That Analytical Argument

    Given the unbridled excitement surrounding “Big Data,” some critical perspective is in order.

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