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  • Marketing Tips for 21st Century Retailers

    Insights into the evolving world of modern retail from academics and industry leaders at the Baker Retailing Center's recent conference.

  • Applying Uber Analytics

    The source of success at Uber and Airbnb is their use of business analytics. What lessons can all business leaders learn from their examples?

  • 3 Policies for Big Data Privacy Problems

    What does big data mean for privacy? Companies leveraging data now have targets on their backs. Analytics expert Michael Housman explains how...

  • Understanding Your Customer: The Denver Example

    Learn from the experiences of one of the nation’s largest airports, which studied and segmented its customers to better brand itself in a crowded...

  • Don Draper Doesn’t Do Data, But He Should

    Four ways for marketing leaders to survive today’s new era of big data and financial impacts, from chief marketing officer David Scott.

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