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  • How Data Science Is Changing Business as We Know It

    Top executives and academic leaders examined the rise of data analytics during a town hall hosted by the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative...

  • Inside the Curious Mind of Jonah Berger

    What inspires an expert on virality and social influence? The professor and best‑selling author opens up.

  • The Pony Here

    In the world of finance, the more investors know about an asset, the greater their competitive advantage. Data science has taken this relationship...

  • Learning to Love the Language of Analytics

    More on the new MOOC series from Wharton Online.

  • Hacking Visual Analytics

    Business analytics is not for the faint of heart. That didn’t stop 40 Penn students. We spotlight their efforts at the Wharton Data Visualization...

  • Three Themes Emerge From Wharton Analytics

    Practitioners of data science descend on WCAI to discuss practical analytics applications and learn to own the success.

  • Your Key to the C-Suite

    Big data appears pervasive in today’s business world. Yet in reality, only some companies fully leverage analytics—those with the right understanding,...

  • Six Steps to a Clumpier Consumer

    Wharton Professor Eric Bradlow unveils a new metric for marketers to determine customer lifetime value.

  • Wharton MBA Highlights: Year One

    Before venturing to Facebook for a unique summer internship, our student reflects on five things he liked best about the academic year that was.

  • Don’t Tell Don Draper

    Digital media and data scientists are revolutionizing the ad business and threatening the jobs of the “Mad Men” of Madison Avenue.

  • Lifelong Learning in London

    Wharton goes on tour in London with a presentation by Professor Eric Bradlow about marketing and analytics, which left local club members wanting...

  • WIMI Tackles the World Cup

    Wharton partners with ESPN on a first-of-its-kind research initiative.

  • WIMI Seeks ‘Proof of Concept’ Through ESPN/World Cup Initiative

    To study how how the 2010 World Cup will be watched via Internet and mobile technologies, The Worldwide Leader in Sports turned to a Wharton...

  • WIMI’s Mission? Quantifying ‘Downstream’ Behavior

    Peter Fader and Eric Bradlow are answering the biggest questions about doing business on the web.

  • Wharton Now

    New Alumni Affairs Director Named Jillian McGowan is Wharton’s new Director of Alumni Affairs and Annual Giving. McGowan joins the School from...

  • Research Wire

    Projects Recently Completed by Wharton Faculty

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