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  • Turning Points

    Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky WG94 talks of the moments that prepared him for the challenges of running a global healthcare company.

  • MBA for Executives: A Program Rising

    What’s made the Wharton MBA for Executives Program special over the past five decades and continues to make it a leader today? It has anticipated...

  • Regions: EMEA

    Alumni Spotlight: John Gachora

  • Regions: Asia

    A new feature of the WEMBA Wharton International Seminar is that East Coast and West Coast executive MBA students travel together. To Indonesia,...

  • Delivering Babies to Delivering Revolution

    Three tenets from Wharton's EMBA Program propelled this alumnus to become a future-forward, positive leader for the health care industry.

  • From Wharton App Essay to Cancer-Curing Fashion

    A Wharton executive MBA alumna launches a for-profit/for-purpose startup with a presale, one eye on Italian fashion and the other on her microscope.

  • Inder Sidhu at the 2013 Wharton Commencement

    Cisco Senior Vice President Inder Sidhu, WG'91, addresses the 2013 Wharton West Coast graduation ceremony.

  • Designing Fulfillment

    Amy Yin Interiors not only earns design awards but also operates on a “for-benefit” model, supporting thousands of children, teens and disabled...

  • Longing to Return Home—Perhaps

    The next three years will be critical in deciding the future of Turkey, and if and when our family returns after more than 10 years abroad.

  • Favor Granted

    Professor Adam Grant gives of his time to help others, and this writer will remember the effort and the lessons offered in his book Give and...

  • Alex Gorsky at the 2013 Wharton Commencement

    Alex Gorsky, WG'96, chairman and CEO of Johnson & Johnson, addresses a first-ever Wharton graduation ceremony.

  • The Flight Paths Not Taken

    Some might call his career changes turbulence. But for Doug Given, WG’93, his trajectory has been the fortuitous result of charisma and business...

  • Increasing Recognition of Wharton | San Francisco

    The West Coast executive MBA gets a positive spotlight.

  • Increasing Recognition of Wharton | San Francisco

    The West Coast executive MBA gets a positive spotlight.

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