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  • Working and Learning for Life Is Good

    The walls between work and education crumble, and new technology and educational companies help employees and employers ensure that learning...

  • 3 Policies for Big Data Privacy Problems

    What does big data mean for privacy? Companies leveraging data now have targets on their backs. Analytics expert Michael Housman explains how...

  • Enterprise Sales Is like Dating

    With Valentine’s Day near, chief analytics officer Michael Housman ponders the similarities between personal relationships and business partnerships.

  • People Analytics Help HR Catch Up With Evidence

    Human resources is following health care on the path toward evidence-based decision-making and weeding out gut instinct, intuition and cognitive...

  • How to Collaborate Over Data

    Corporate America faces challenges when it seeks to share data with academic researchers, but Chief Analytics Officer Dr. Michael Housman has...

  • Robots Are Blind (and That’s Good)

    Big data algorithms ignore gender, race, age, and reduce the "like-me" bias from recruiters; this improves the employer hiring process as a result.

  • Countdown to the End of Old-Style HR?

    People analytics is already revolutionizing how big companies hire. Or is it?

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