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  • The Blockchain Revolution

    The technology behind cryptocurrencies could transform everything from banking to health care to the music industry. Just ask the Wharton pioneers...

  • ‘Speed Dating’ for the Latest Health Care Innovation

    The Mack Institute hosted its first Innovation Clinic of many to empower thinkers and doers across Penn’s campus.

  • Doubling Down on Interdisciplinary

    For 35 years, the coordinated dual-degree Management and Technology Program has produced graduates at home in both the boardroom and the lab.

  • Insights on Why Entrepreneurs Should Approach the Media

    Wharton student Katlyn Grasso reports back from the Seminar for Business Journalists, where she explored the role journalism plays in advancing...

  • Handing Over the Keys to Corporate Innovation

    A Mack Institute author recaps its spring conference, including talks from Saikat Chaudhuri, Chunka Mui, and representatives from Amazon, Google...

  • The Mack Mission

    The Mack Institute for Innovation Management is empowered to revolutionize collaboration and research across campus and across industries. Expect...

  • Knowledge At Wharton

    The Innovation-Through-Acquisition Strategy: Why the Pay-Off Isn't Always There

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