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  • Marketing Expert Anna Nicanorova WG11 on Data Tech and Mountain Treks

    The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative conference speaker discusses her career in data, the importance of clear communication, and time spent...

  • How Data Science Is Changing Business as We Know It

    Top executives and academic leaders examined the rise of data analytics during a town hall hosted by the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative...

  • Overcome Barriers to Customer Centricity

    Peter Fader evaluates top barriers to customer centricity, ranging from how to measure customer profitability versus cost to questions, to branding...

  • New Hackathon for Visual Analytics

    Undergrad and MBA students worked together to make the first-ever Wharton Data Visualization Hackathon a success.

  • Hacking Visual Analytics

    Business analytics is not for the faint of heart. That didn’t stop 40 Penn students. We spotlight their efforts at the Wharton Data Visualization...

  • Betting on Rigor and Glitz

    Students see the big profits and rewards of applying customer analytics through the example of Caesars.

  • Big Data Discourse on Campus

    Analytics academics share exciting breakthrough research, while advertising practitioners attest to how social media and marketing are really...

  • Don’t Tell Don Draper

    Digital media and data scientists are revolutionizing the ad business and threatening the jobs of the “Mad Men” of Madison Avenue.

  • Lifelong Learning in London

    Wharton goes on tour in London with a presentation by Professor Eric Bradlow about marketing and analytics, which left local club members wanting...

  • Final Exam

    If a jar full of quarters follows a normal distribution with mean 160 and standard deviation of 60, how many quarters are in the jar.

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